​"Your Toy" is a first person micro horror room escape puzzle game. Player will be immersed in eerie atmosphere by the 3D realistic style. And through careful observations and clever puzzles to know the story little by little.


The difficulty of puzzle game is the most difficult part to design, and we have deliberated and debugged again and again with testers. We believe players who love puzzle game will have excellent experience when solving puzzles.



项目状态:现已在Xbox One国行商店发售!


This is a story of toy revenge. You need try your best to escape the room, every unnoticeable clue may be the key to escape. All of us trampled toys in childhood. 


Now the toy comes to your dream,  现在玩具来到了你的梦中,

 let's see which one is the toy.​ 让我们来看看谁是谁的玩具